Friday, May 20, 2011

What I LOVE About ArtFire

I absolutely adore ArtFire, and now I'll tell you why-
1) ArtFire is a FLAT FEE per MONTH, instead of paying PER LISTING. I can't tell you how much money that's saved me vs. Etsy! But I can give you a round figure- $80 for about 200 listings. And I've got over 300 items in my ArtFire shop! This gives me the ability to list when I want to and at a price I can afford.
2) You don't need an account to shop ArtFire stores. The only drawback I've been able to come up with is that if you don't have an account, you can't leave feedback. I could be wrong! But you can shop and go!
3) Everything is streamlined for sellers. YAY! All the information you need to list is on ONE PAGE. That is so darn wonderful.
4) COLLECTIONS are a community effort, and anyone with an account can make one, buyers and sellers alike. You don't have to compete for a "Collection" spot, which is great! There are a LOT of fabu collections. You should check them out! (I always try to post links to collections I make or am in, but I may have missed a few).
5) ArtFire is community-based. I LOVE THIS ARTIST'S COMMUNITY. Yes, there may be trolls and snarking, but overall, it is THE best place to get input, answer questions about selling, get more input, stay on top of ArtFire news, and MORE. You should totally visit the FORUMS, they're a blast!
6) ArtFire is an equal opportunity feature creature. I went Pro, and two months later I was a featured Artisan on the site. Anyone with a Pro account can get featured, and can apply to be featured.
7) I RECCOMMEND GOING PRO, BUT! Basic is just as good! You don't NEED a pro account to start selling on ArtFire. What a way to test the waters!
8) Have I mentioned the forums yet???
9) GUILDS are pretty easy to join, you can be basic or Pro, and it's a GREAT way to connect with other artisans/sellers.
10) Whew! Man, do I ever LOVE ArtFire. The other reason I love ArtFire is that they encourage and REWARD you for coming up with reasons why you LOVE ArtFire.




  1. Oh that's a really good reason to sign up, the checking out without having to be a member!! Great AF post. :D

  2. Thank you so much, sugarraindrops! I'm so glad that you enjoyed my blog post about ArtFire! <3, Andrea


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