Friday, May 20, 2011


So I took time out today to take some flower pictures. :) And man, did they turn out great! LOTS of tulips, (YUMMY), bleeding hearts, a dandelion, and more. You can view them on my ZJC Business facebook page here, (click!).

Packing is pretty much done, thank goodness. But here's a picture of all the boxes and tubs! I have more beads and craft supplies that is humanely necessary! The fish bowl is my ROCK collection. There are some pretty cool rocks in there, if I may say so myself. :)

Eric, my BF, called the net/tv/phone services today, and we should be all set up next Tuesday for service, which is great. I called the electric company on Monday, and had them turn on the electric for this week, which was good, because Eric has been slowly moving his stuff into our new apartment already! (He only lives a few blocks away from OUR new place!).

I am sooooooo stoked! It should be grand!

I'm getting a TON of help from friends and family to move. Bless their hearts! It might have helped that I'm bribing them with pizza and beer. LOL!

Random picture of Crabbi, my miraculous kitty! Isn't she cute all curled up?

Happy shopping, and wish me luck!

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