Thursday, September 29, 2016

Beads of Courage, Show & Tell! (The Art Charm Exchange)

This year, the Beads of Courage auction has had a few hiccups as to the date of starting! I hope you don't mind the wait, for the auction is here! (UPDATE: There is another hiccup with the auction starting date. Jen will still be selling the charms, so the seller won't change as is linked to in my post. I will post again when the auction has OFFICIALLY started).


Almost every year, (2015 was skipped), Jen Cameron hosts The Art Charm Exchange which benefits Beads of Courage! We make 11 charms- 10 to swap and 1 Jen sells on ebay to benefit Beads of Courage. Beads of Courage is an AMAZING charity that gives beads as milestones to children who reach treatment milestones while they are staying or having a visit to the hospital. These patients then get to turn their beads or charms into necklaces. More beads = more treatment milestones = a longer necklace. I believe in 2014 we raised over $1,500 to donate to Beads of Courage! For more information on Beads of Courage, (BoC), please click here to visit their website

This year's theme, (every year we have a theme!), is FAIRY TALES.

I chose the wonderful tale of "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland." A classic, to be sure!

The first thing that I remembered from the tale, (aside from the Cheshire Cat, hehe!), was the caterpillar sitting on a magical mushroom so that is what I decided to make as a charm!

Here are some photos of the creation of the magical mushrooms:
Making the mushroom caps!

Still making the mushroom caps!

A completed mushroom body.

A whole bunch of mushrooms! Each one is slightly different.

Cutting the clay for the spots on the mushrooms.

On the tray, ready to be baked...

All of that work to make some mushrooms. Then they were off to be baked!

Here they are finished:

A pile of finished mushroom charms.

This year is Jen's last year hosting The Art Charm Exchange. Thank you SO MUCH Jen for so many wonderful years doing this for us and for Beads of Courage. *mad love*

Here are the charms I received in this year's 

Miya Beads

Brooke Bock


Boho Bird Jewellery





THEA Elements

Clay Space

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Facebook Jewelry & Art Sale!

Hello faithful followers of the blog!

I'm having a jewelry & art show ON THE INTERNET.

It's happening RIGHT NOW.

And it's been amazing!

CLICK HERE to see all the goodies for sale!

Heavily discounted! Also taking custom orders at discounted rates. :)

Here are a few pictures of items that are STILL AVAILABLE! (As of 5am Central Time)