Thursday, June 23, 2011


So we've, (Eric and I), been very busy settling in to our new place! It's so exciting to move into a new apartment. I feel like I've been in West Salem forever. It feels surreal, or like a dream. I just hope I never awaken! ;)

<--- A daffodil I photographed this Spring, (March 2011).

So, with settling in comes the merging of two relatively complete households. That's always an adventure! Plus, the merging of CATS! *falls over* So far, so good, (MOSTLY!).

There have been some small kitty frays, but nothing too horribly serious. Although I AM looking for a new home for LuLu. She would be so much happier as an "ONLY" kitty. :(

Crabbi being cute! --->

At any rate, I have four new "collection" pieces up... only named "the red, pink and green collection". Three of the available necklaces are really SETS- earrings & a necklace. One is a lonely choker, no earrings. ;) The mysterious fifth piece of this set has already sold! And man, was it a beauty! (Not to say that the rest of them aren't, but it *was* my personal favorite!). You can view the collection by visiting my artfire shop by clicking here, or copying and pasting this link into your browser's url bar: .

I think you'll really enjoy seeing this new collection from yours truly!

I've also been invited to attend the Boston Fashion Show/Week in Boston... for a fee. Darn those fees! *shakes fist* And it costs a pretty penny, too. Oh well, maybe next year!

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