Friday, March 30, 2007

5 reasons I would by from you

littleputbooks kindly made a list of the reasons she WOULD buy from a seller, (with some kudos to odkins for the idea). Here it is, in all its' glory:
(in honor of Odkins well worded niceness that got lost in another thread)

1. Your ideas are original and your products are unqiue
2. Your products are well made and Nicely photographed
3. Your descriptions are clear, playful and accurate
4. Your shipping is reasonable and I know where it you are mailing from
5. Your presence on Etsy adds value to the site.

C&P of well worded niceness:
I will go out of my way to buy things that are unique, that make an effort to be different from products you can buy at big box stores, where I can tell that the person cares about what they make, and has morals and values that are not completely at odds with my own.

Here's the original Etsy forum post. =*^.^*= Thanks littleputbooks!

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