Thursday, March 29, 2007

Top 5 reasons I'm not buying from you.

aorta posted this fabu list of reasons why she won't buy from Etsy sellers- and I agree with her! Here's her list:

1. you don't make anything bigger than a medium that looks like a small.
2. i know what it really costs to mail that and you're way past the mark.
3. i have no idea where you are.
4. that item might be pretty simple, but i want more than 1 picture.
5. i can't tell what you made it with and, yes, i wanna know!

the odds of me convoing a seller to get these missing details are slim to none. i know this has been talked about dozens of times. but this is a list i have in my head. it comes up repeatedly when i'm so close to buying something, but just can't. i'm not trying to offend anyone or start any arguments with this. i just felt like posting it.


Here's her original forum post. Thanks for sharing aorta!

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