Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Get To Know Me! A Primer. ;)

When or how did you get started making jewelry?
My story is actually pretty cool, (and I never tire of telling it, LOL!) I saw the MOST amazing jewelry in Brazil when I was an exchange student there back in 1998/1999. I wanted to be able to make that, too! :) I still haven't come anywhere close to replicating the gorgeous jewelry I saw in Brazil, but I am working on it!

What styles of jewelry do you like to make?
All sorts, but I make mostly beaded jewelry now. I do some wirework, loom work, peyote stitch, other bead stitchery... but still, mostly beaded. :)

What materials do you prefer to use, and which ones do you avoid?
I'm trying to not rule materials out. I think they ALL have their place in the jewelry world. Woo, beads! I consider myself a true bead lover!

What techniques do you prefer, and which ones do you avoid?
Simple wirework is cool, some simple metal stamping is also cool, (I'm not very good at that yet), beading for the win. Not really horribly fond of stitching, although I do it pretty well.

What colors do you use the most, and which ones do you run screaming from?
I can't really wear orange or yellow, so I tend to not work with those colors much as a result. I did just buy some pearls in those colors to break me out of my comfort zone. Really though- my favorite colors are purple and green, and RAINBOWS! ^_^ Yes, I consider RAINBOW a color. Hehehe.

My beads are even organized in a rainbow pattern. It's hard to tell here, though. :) These are some of them!

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