Sunday, November 24, 2013

Non-Blogger/Blogger 10th Challenge ~ The Sea Garden

I'm participating in the 10th Non-blogger/Blogger Challenge hosted by Esterina Mestoko Jagiella... here's the inspiration photo by Dinink Sonia:
I took the following colors out of it for my palette:
orange, yellow & black for the fishies
shades of green & blue & translucent for the backgrounds!

I made the following beads out of polymer clay, crystals and semi-precious stones:
And here are some (larger) photos of the beads, (just click to view the larger pictures!):
 Aren't those little fishes to die for?! :)
Yes! You can vote for my entry by clicking here, and typing in "MY FAVORITE" in the comments box. *mad love* (But only do this if you truly love what I made!). Voting goes until December 1st @ 11:59pm PDT. 


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