Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tutorial, DeviantART, Crafting and more!

So peeps, I've got over 160 items in my ArtFire shop now! That's quite an accomplishment, I think. In fact, I listed 19 pairs of earrings last night. *grins* There are some really special earrings that I collaborated with Sharon Kat on- she embroidered little diamonds using a special technique called Kogin, which originates from Northern Japan, (she spent about five years there).

I've also signed up to participate in The Best Little Bead Box. I'm really hoping that I'll get accepted to participate! I'd love to donate to Beads of Courage!!! I might (probably, LOL!) donate to Beads of Courage anyway. But I've got to get crackin' on making more polymer clay flower beads before I do. I'm thinking that instead of marbled backgrounds, I'll focus on solid colors to really show off the tiny flowers, but we'll see.

I updated my "journal" on DeviantArt, finally. You can view some of my older jewelry designs and digital art and photography there. You can also purchase prints and a calendar. :) It's been a while since I've uploaded anything new there. I suppose when I make something really special, I will. *blush*

Click here for a simple chainmaille tutorial. It's REALLY COOL. I'm probably going to try it myself, but I might need more jumprings first. LOL! Chainmaille really uses up the jumprings. You can see a simple chainmaille necklace I made for my brother by clicking here. It used steel and niobium jumprings. And I tell ya, steel is a PAIN to work with. So stiff! But it's pretty durable.

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  1. This earring design is unique! "Liked" you in Facebook, too. We'll be linking! ",)



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