Thursday, March 22, 2007

a semi-epiphany on tags

I'm a closet fan (or lurker) of dyno- she just ROCKS. She answers people's questions kindly and has some seriously kick-ass ideas for Etsy and Etsyians. =*^.^*= Her clothes are pretty darn sweet too. =~.^=

A while back she posted an easy to follow formula on HOW TO USE TAGS properly. It's even been given a "two scissors up" by our admin. Since the tutorial kicks so much bootie, I'm going to post it here, (with a link to the original forum post below).

this just occurred to me. when using tags think macro to micro, as if you have to communicate the item to someone who can't see it using only single words.

for example, if you sell a sweater begin to describe the item by breaking it down from general to narrow:

sweater (item)
wool (material)
cardigan (type)
fine or thin (type of knit)
blue (color)
tan (color)
stripe (design)
medium (size)
fitted (style/fit)
classic (style)
feminine (style)
casual (occasion)
office (possible use)

that's 13 words. :)
maybe that's one way to approach it.

A quick note from me- don't forget to put your items in the right CATEGORY. =*^.^*= And a whole bucket of kudos for dyno!

As promised, here's the link to the original forum post.


  1. I was trying to put your blog in my google reader list, but it says you don't have an rss feed enabled. Would you consider enabling it? I found you on that Wisconsin street team list.
    aka knitsteel on blog and etsy

  2. Hi knitsteel!

    I double & triple checked my settings, and it should definitely be "a go" on the RSS feed. =*^.^*= (And a good friend of mine on another computer checked too. =~.^=).

    Let me know if you have any other problems with it!


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