Friday, March 23, 2007

A *lot* of new news! =*^.^*=

kuriloff kindly posted a forum update on the Constitution, (or rather, *not* the constitution). Has my head been under a rock? I had no idea that Etsy admin were compiling a "List of Do's & Don'ts on Etsy". =O.o*= I'm very glad that kuriloff posted this update, otherwise I would have been absolutely clueless! Many kudos! =^.^;=

Here's the link to the Etsy Admin blog entry about it.

Something fun- and great for the enviroment, too- EyePopArt directs our gaze (all puns intended!) to this FABU blog! It's called "Great Green Goods". Things that will make you *and* the Earth feel Great! =*^.^*=

Here's the original Etsy forum post by EyePopArt. Thanks!

thecountrybaker started a rather nifty thread titled, "Tell Us How You Got Started". =*^.^*= I haven't contributed yet, but I've been meaning to for days! (It might just end up as a blog post- my story is a long-winded one! LOL!). Speaking of thecountrybaker, these Etsyians make some verrrrrry tasty sweet stuff. =^.^= I decided to try them out, and ordered a PIF (2 chocolate chip cookies) and some fudge for two of my best friends. They gave thecountrybaker two great big thumbs up with chocolate smiles! *grins* If you've got an undeniable sweet tooth, give thecountrybaker a try- you won't be disappointed!

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