Monday, June 8, 2015

Epic Inspirations Blog Hop hosted by Melissa Trudinger

I *just* started watching Game of Thrones... the scene where the baby wolflets are found really touched me, so I made this set. I hope you like it!

I got all of the beads, minus the wolf focal, ages ago. ^_^ The wolf came from a destash event.

Freshwater pearls, nice China crystal, some tiaria crystal (I think!), and white freshwater pearls. (I LOVE freshwater pearls- I use them in just about everything!)

Please forgive my tardiness in posting. I've been having internet connectivity issues and blogger hasn't been playing nice either. *wry look* It's up now though!!!

The participants:
Melissa Trudinger    (Hostess)
Karen Mitchell         
Andrea Glick            
Karen Martinez       
Lennis Carrier          
Lindsay Starr            
Mona Arnott            
Lee Koopman          
Shaiha Williams       
Veralynne Malone  
Elisabeth Auld          
Kelly Schermerhorn
Dini Bruinsma          
Jami Shipp                


  1. Fabulous necklace. It really pays homage to the discovery of the wolf pups.

  2. I will be headed to Yellowstone N.P. soon, and I have to tell you that this type of necklace would sell like hotcakes in one of the souvenir shops nearby! While some folks still don't like wolves, many, many people go to the park just to see them and hear them. Well done piece. The focal is so detailed.

  3. I suspect I don't watch any of the shows people used for inspiration. I have not seen GoT, but I love your necklace. It looks epic, so it's perfect!

  4. Perfect time to use that wolf focal! And what a sweet scene to pick from that show. Your necklace turned out Fantastic!

  5. Good things come to those that wait ... and this was worth the wait! Fantastic! And great inspiration, GoT is a fabulous show isn't it! Thanks for joining in the blog hop!

  6. Good things come to those who wait, and this was worth the wait! Love the wolf and how perfect for Game of Thrones! The rest of the beads def invoke the cold north! Thanks for joining in the hop!

  7. I've been thinking about wolves a lot lately too. Hahah. I totally want a mold of that wolf head!


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