Monday, November 24, 2014

It's that time of year again...

... for the Bead Of Courage AUCTION hosted by Glass Addictions (Jen Cameron) and the rest of the Art Charm Exchange crew!

As per usual, we make eleven charms- one for the auction, one to keep, and nine to trade with the other artists involved! Jen sorts and counts and makes sure everyone gets cool charms that are totally different; IE: we don't get the same charm twice! Some of the more ambitious artists made two sets!!!

To start off, I'd like to tell the story about my charms...
Polymer Clay
Brass tone flying heart keys
Silver Jumprings (the bottom ones are handmade!)

The main piece of this charm was created using polymer clay and rolling it in a pasta machine for even thickness. Then I lovingly handcrafted each wing and heart using my fingers and a toothpick, (to get the wing's ruffles and the indent for the heart). This year's theme is "SOAR" so I thought a flying heart especially appropriate. I thought that love can make your heart soar and give you butterflies in your stomach, so that's why I ended up with this design. The brass key symbolizes, of course, the key to your heart. It also has little wings so it can keep up with the flying heart! :) The background of the polymer clay charm is sky blue sparkle with translucent clay to mimic clouds, the wings are white and the little hearts are lavender. An original creation by me of ZenithJade Creations especially made for the Art Charm Exchange and Beads of Courage!

May Your Heart Soar!!!

This is the process I went through to make my soaring heart charms...
Here, each circle has been cut and the holes punched out where the jumprings will go, plus I'm starting to put on the little wings.

Here's a closeup of the charms without the hearts...

And here's one of the tiny wings I formed using my fingers and a toothpick.

Here are the charms with the hearts put on. Lavender is one of my favorite colors...

This is the finished charm!!! I really debated about sealing it, but different artists have different methods of sealing and sealants they use, so I chose not to.

And without further ado,
here are the charms I received from my partners in this year's 
Art Charm Exchange!

This is the charm made by SueBeads of Pittsburgh, PA!
In case you can't tell, this is a little red birdie!!! :) You might have seen my other post about SueBeads when I participated in the C5 challenge!

This is the charm made by Perri Jackson!
Hot air balloon time!

This is the charm made by Sheila Rose Prosterman of Belmont, MA!
3D fluttery wings!!!

This is the charm made by Melissa Trudinger of Australia!
Lovely 2-sided birdie charm with our theme word on one side!

This is the charm made by Cate van Alphen!
Another 2-sided charm! This one is either a Phoenix or a Peacock- either is AWESOME.

This is the charm made by Shai Williams!
This is the only owl charm I got. Isn't it a "hoot?" *winks*

This is the charm made by Chris Eisenberg!
Another 2-sided charm! Love the blues...

This is the charm made by Lee Koopman!
Lovely little kite...with fibers!

This is the charm made by Lennis Carrier!
Here's her blog:
And the last one, another kite in cool coppery metals. :) It also includes our theme word!

I adore all the charms I received! Thanks everyone!!! :) You can view ALL the charms by going to the auction link HERE (there is one of each for sale in the auction for Beads of Courage!), or by visiting the blogs below! Have fun and happy blog-hopping!

Here's the list of participating artists:

Jennifer Cameron:
Alenka Obid:
Alicia Marinache:
YOU ARE HERE: Andrea Glick:
Caroline Dewison:
Cassi Paslick:
Cate van Alphen:
Cheri Reed:
Chris Eisenberg:
Cory Tompkins:
Elizabeth Auld:
Genevieve Gabbert:
Jami Shipp:
Jenny Davies-Reazor:
Jill Bradley:
Kim Dworak:
Lee Koopman:
Lennis Carrier:
Lesley Watt:
Mallory Hoffman:
Melissa Trudinger:
Michelle McCarthy:
Monique Urquhart:
Moriah Betterly:
Nancy Dale:
Nancy Smith:
Niky Sayers:
Perri Jackson:
Renetha Stanziano:
Shai Williams:
Sheila Prosterman:
Susan Delaney:
Susan Kennedy:
Terri DelSignore:
Toltec Jewels:
Vanessa Gilkes:


  1. Andrea, I love your charms and was lucky enough to recieve one, those wings are so very small it's amazing to see how you made them!

  2. Oh my goodness --I have totally fallen in love with your charm! I can see another bid coming . . .

  3. Isn't it funny how we all chose that same shade of sky blue, the word soar makes us think of the sky and beyond.I love the puffy cloud wings

  4. Love your dear little charms! Love your photos.

  5. I was really pleased to find one of your charms in my package, it's gorgeous... thank you!

  6. Andrea, I love these soaring hearts, taking flight and removing our cares and worries with them :)

  7. What great charms and what a lot of thought went into them! And I think that you got one of the few owl charms I made.

  8. Your charms are super cute! I just love the little details! Thanks for participating!

  9. I love your sweet little charm!

  10. Very cute charm, and such a small scale! Thank you!

  11. I love your winged hearts. They are all set to soar off through the beautiful blue sky.


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