Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oktoberfest 2014 : A Blog Hop

Without further ado... *drum roll* :
my Autumn Splendor in PHOTOS
(I'm a photographer, too- you can see my photography for sale in my ArtFire shop by clicking here).

Here is a full moon photo taken in September...

 A crescent moon & sunset!

Some Mums (Chrysanthemums)

More Mums.

The newest addition to the flower "family". (Yes, more Mums!)

I don't know what this flower is called, but it sure is pretty and was still blooming mid-September.

The tree to the right was getting just a touch of yellow.

 A hibiscus that was really happy in the garden this year. Also was blooming like mad in September!

Plume grass.


Another flower I don't know the name of...

This was the MOST GORGEOUS and INTENSE sunset EVER.

The leaves on the burning bush were just starting to change.

Fiery sunlight/sunset!

October Full Moon.

At last, something I actually made! (Though the photo is cool too). These are jack'o'lanterns I made from polymer clay. You can get them in my shop on Etsy.

A walk I took mid-October with my Mom and her doggie, Odie.

From that same walk. This is the La Crosse River at Veteran's Memorial Park in West Salem, WI.

No leaves!

Left: a skele-cat I picked up at Michaels Arts & Crafts (SCORE!) and a Hello Kitty Halloween card sent to me by a good friend. In case you *didn't* know, I ADORE Hello Kitty. =^.^=

The tree in front of the house. Yellow, Red and Orange leaves in a riot of color!

Late October pumpkin carving.


Look at all of those leaves! Gotta rake those up! O.O

All of this is what October means to me. It's also, *gasp*, my BIRTH MONTH. :) I just celebrated my birthday on the 21st! Fun times, batpeeps.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at all the photos of my Oktoberfest Goodness.


  1. Beautiful pictures which captured the autumn perfectly!

  2. The coloring of your leaves is gorgeous! I look for those every year for my Thanksgiving centerpiece and they make beautiful roses too! Love all your photos, we haven't got much color yet so it's really nice to see. Pumpkins are super cute too!

  3. Stunning photos, the intense sunset is an epic shot, great job! I love your little pumpkins too!

  4. Are you in WI? I am up in Appleton. Love all of your pictures and your polymer pumpkins are adorable!

  5. Happy birthday to you! Your pumpkins are very cute and your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Hi Andrea, I enjoyed your fall photos.

  7. Nice collection, there's a lot to see in the pictures (-: Stunning colours!

  8. Gorgeous pictures. You really captured fall beautifully.

  9. What incredible pics! You definitely have the eye and the skill to have your visions come forth.

  10. Beautiful collection of photos! My tree in my front yard doesn't turn gold... it's a little crab apple tree, so right now the branches are loaded with little tiny red apples :) The only time it's as pretty is when it's in bloom!
    Your pumpkin charms are adorable, and wow... that's a lot of jack'o' lanterns! They've gotten to the point where they cost too much for me to do more than one in time for halloween, other wise I'd probably carve a line up to match yours ;) lol

  11. Gorgeous fall photos. You really captured the essence of this time of year. the multi-coloured leaves are perfect and always a surprise show every year!

  12. Wonderful photos! And happy birthday! 😃

  13. Happy get raking girl! Love your jack o' lanterns.

  14. Gorgeous pictures...I live in the south and the only real fall pics I get are posted on line....I love your pics and the little cute!

  15. Such a gorgeous array of eye candy and autumnal inspiration! The photo with the sun rays is spectacular. Your polymer clay jack-o-lanterns are adorable.

  16. First of all, Happy Birthday! Your photos are all so beautiful. And I love those little pumpkins you made!

  17. Gorgeous pictures, I love your carved pumpkins in a row and the polymer ones are lovely!

  18. Such beautiful photos - and happy birthday!!

  19. Gorgeous pictures, I too love the many colors and abundance of Mums.

  20. So many wonderful pictures, you really have captured the season in colours.
    I love your Jack o Lantern beads, they are uber cute.

  21. Wonderful pictures! I love all of the different views!!! The pumpkin charms are adorable. Have a Blessed Day!

  22. Happy Birthday!!
    Lovely blog post, And I love your polymer clay pumpkins.
    It looks like you had fun carving all your pumpkins.

  23. Ooohh... Thank you for sharing those pictures... I enjoy looking at them. They are so pretty.

  24. I love all your photos! They are all so beautiful and all so fun. I love that plume grass and your little polymer pumpkins especially.

  25. Your photographs are so beautiful! Wisconsin in fall is lovely and I have many memories of being there in fall because we spent most weekends in WI during my childhood. I love your little pumpkins too!!

  26. Andrea, the colors in your photos are wonderful! Your photography skills added with jewelry making skills, you can't go wrong... go you!


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