Friday, November 15, 2013

Art Charm Exchange for the Auction Benefit for Beads of Courage... "LOVE"

So here is my official post for the Art Charm Exchange (hosted by Glass Addictions) & the Auction Benefit for Beads of Courage (BoC)... the (our!) theme this year is "LOVE".

I suffered pretty bad "performance anxiety" during the making & reveal of our charms. I just wasn't sure if my charms would be "good enough"... after receiving my charms, I realized that it wasn't necessarily how "good" they were, but how much LOVE and SOUL went into each piece... now that is something I have in SPADES. :) I am so honored to be a part of the Art Charm Exchange and the Auction Benefit for Beads of Courage. Let me share the creations I made & received with you...

 Beautiful light blue pearl polymer clay, with a dark blue pearl heart coated in Pearl-x powder and sealed; it also has a lovely *vintage* light blue marquise stone that I acquired from a friend and embedded in the clay... and the heart has little rays coming from it, like a comet! Universal love, or love from above. The findings are silver-plated.

See the little rays? :) It's a LOVE COMET!
 It actually has a silver-plated screw eye, so the charm stays on the post! :) I bought mine in bulk at the BeeHive on facebook. Andi & Dee (the owners) have them in a variety of finishes, including gold.

 The hearts are formed by hand, using my fingers and some mad skillz. *winks* The little bases for the charms are formed the same way- entirely by hand. :)

Here are the charms I received, in alphabetical order by first names:

By Alicia Marinache of All the Pretty Things @

By Julie Bowen of Autochthonous Evolved @

By Kristi Bowman of Kristi Bowman Design @

By Lennis Carrier of WindBent @

By Linda Haskell of Lilys of the Valley Jewelry @

By Lori Bowring Michaud of Artfully Ornamental @

By Michelle McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio @

By Toltec Jewels (Rita) of Toltec Jewels @

By Terri DelSignore of artistcaos @

Here is the complete list of all participants, (there are a LOT of us- please visit us each when you can!):

Caroline Dewison:
YOU ARE HERE- Andrea Glick:
Charlene Bausinger Jacka:


  1. LOVE the way you speak from the heart and create from the heart...just like you are. You are amazingly talented.

  2. Really lovely charms! I like how much time you must have spent on them, the heart YOU put into the hearts, and the beautiful love comet!! :)

  3. Andrea, I love how you expressed your anxiety, as I am sure most of us felt exactly the same (I know I did). I love your design, and was so pleased and proud to have received one! Thank you!

  4. I loved reading about your's a LOVE comet. lol! See, you had nothing to worry about :-) Thanks so much for participating and helping raise money for the kids.

  5. I loved your charm with its "heart comet" so much that I wrote a haiku for it:

    crackling campfire/ the comet's tail/ streams toward morning

    Susan Delphine Delaney

  6. I love the combination of color, texture, and depth you put into your charms. They really are very lovely! I would have been very happy to have received one! Now I'll have to see if I can snag one in the auction :) - Julie

  7. What a peaceful "cosmic" blue color! A beautiful charm!

  8. I was a lucky reciever of one of your charms!! Totally agree about the importance of what goes into something!! The reason I LOVE handmade things! I am happy to own one of your charms!!

  9. I do recall the anxiety I suffered last year too (my first year of participation) ~ however you had no reasons for it! Your charms are absolutely adorable.

  10. The sentiment makes me love it even more. Thank you Andrea.


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