Sunday, October 27, 2013

Octoberfest / Day of the Dead by Jewel School Friends & Toltec Jewels (A Blog Hop!)

I made some items for a swap on BeadSwap USA. :) I thought posting about them on here would be horribly and spookily appropriate since it was for a Halloween/Day of the Dead Swap.
Here's a pair of earrings I made for my swap partner, M.:

The bats and skulls are from The Beehive on facebook... they sell lots of cool beads! :) The earhooks are sterling silver!
And M's bracelet:
The two lampwork beads are made by Marcia of Shazazz Glass. :) The skull bead and the purple rounds are also from The Beehive. The Swarovski are just beads I had "laying around."

Here's the list of participating artists in the Blog Hops: 
Octoberfest Artists

Caroline                                       http://

Andrea Glick-Zenith           

Dolores Raml                     

Karla Morgan                     

Susie Harris                       




Kay Thomerson                 

Jean Yates                        

Kelly Hosford Patterson     

Kathy Lindemer                 

Liz E                                  

Jasvanti Patel                    

Christie Murrow                 

Jodie Marshall                   

Andrea Trank                    

Dini Bruinsma                    

Elsie Deliz Fonseca           


Karla Morgan                    


Vera Lynn                         

Rana Wilson                     

Catherine King                 

Lily Vincent                       

Janice Hidey (Janimar)     

Cory Tompkins                 

Candida Castleberry        

Cynthia Kent Machata      

Alicia Marinache               

Linda Anderson                

Leah Curtis                       

Jennifer Reno (JenRen)    

Robin Reed                       

Tanty Sri Hartanti              

Lisa Lodge                        

Ingrid A.                            

Judy Turner                      

Gina Hockett                     

Nelly May                          

Tanya McGuire                 


Sonya Stille                       


Carol D.                            

Asri Wahyuningsih            

Ginger Bishop                   


Shaiha Williams                

Toltec Jewels (Rita, your hostess)

Day of the Dead Artists

Kathleen Breeding

Dianne Miller

Lisa Liddy

Toltec Jewels

Laura Medeiros

Veralynne Malone

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Stephanie LaRosa

Nicole Valentine Rimmer

Sarajo Wentling

Dawn M. Gallop


  1. Hi, I love all of your pieces.
    The pumpkins are so cute so is the glass bracelet

  2. Great pieces, fun post. I love the purple bracelet.

  3. I love those earrings and the bracelet is very nice.
    Have a fun Halloween!

  4. Such fun pieces! Thanks for sharing.


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