Friday, December 3, 2010

Regretsy, FIV and More.

Aidan is on CNN! He's a charming little boy who draws monsters and then sells his work in his Etsy shop to help pay for his cancer care. Featured on Regretsy, and now CNN, it's an amazing story. :) My prayers are with Aidan for a speedy recovery.

In cat news, the TRUTH ABOUT FIV, (Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus), can be found HERE. In all honesty, I hadn't realized that FIV was NOT spread easily. Since I'm a cat crazy person, this came as news to me. Now I'm sharing, because I think it's important because:
1) FIV positive kitties deserve good homes
2) it's no good to be ignorant of the facts about FIV.
So if you're thinking of adopting, why not give one of these lovely FIV+ cats a try? They need your love and compassion, too!

I think I might participate in the Art Bead Scene Bead Challenge this December. :) It would be pretty cool to use one of my own polymer clay beads in a jewelry design. *grins* I'll keep ya'll posted about it all, and of course, will post pictures if I actually make something for the challenge.

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