Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Long Awaited Introduction To My Swap 'n Hop Partner, Rachel!

I got the most cheerful partner- her name is Rachel, and she is AWESOME. ^_^

You can see some awesome stuff on her website- by clicking HERE. I've picked out a few of my favorites of her handmade jewelry from her shop... here they are:
 This is, "Old World Cuff."
This is, "Last Midnight Necklace."
These are, "Moonlight Earrings."

Poor Rachel must think I'm such a flake- even though I got her beads to her on time- my communication skills have been seriously lacking!!! Life has been throwing some serious hardballs, (don't ask- I don't want to be a "negative Nancy.") I really hope that Rachel forgives me for being such a poor communicator. Sorry Rachel!

With that being said, Rachel and I have had some wonderful talks on the phone and via email... this is what I've learned about her:

- copper is a new favorite material
- she likes to ski but not snowboard
- she's the oldest of her four siblings, (just like me)
- she's been making jewelry for about 10 years
- art major with a minor in metals, major in sculpture or ceramics
- she took part in a massive pillow fight in New York
- likes some video games like the Sims (I also really like the Sims)
- lives in Georgia, the peach state
- she's addicted to Netflix

^_^ And that, folks, is my intro to my Swap 'n Hop partner!

Have a beautiful day!
~Andrea of ZenithJade Creations

--> photos by Rachel!

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