Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Goodies for BSBP I SENT to my partner, Andrea Frank!

THIS is the soup I sent my partner, Andrea Frank, in pictures. :)

Without further ado...

One of the focals I made for Andrea...

The other focal I made for Andrea! :) This one is very, very orange!

The red and orange soup I created...

Faceted glass rondelles in red, red-orange and orange. Ooooolala!

Faceted orange carnelian CAT!!! And Andrea loves cats, just like me! :)

Reconstituted stone red roses...

Some copper birdies...

Some tiny garnets- Andrea loves these!

A pretty red rose in polymer clay and a rainbow bead- both made by me!

Sue Beads - by a lampwork artist.

By Tiffany Goth-Smith. :)

A selection of findings and traditional clasps that I sent...

Here's one of the clasps I MADE! :)

Another copper clasp I made...

And the last clasp I made. They are all a little rustic! :)


  1. Such a beautiful and colorful selection to work with Andrea...very nice soup!!

  2. Those colors are beautiful! And I love what you did with it all.


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