Saturday, October 5, 2013

What I've Been Working On Lately...

This is (SOME) of what has been keeping me busy! :) Some things must remain a secret until their respective reveal times. But until then, enjoy looking at these goodies:
Little pumpkins for Toltec Jewels! :)
I made Jack 'o Lanterns just to see if I could... ;)
Here's some matchy matchy skulls for Toltec Jewels... they all have bows and jewels in their eyes...
Some "plain" skulls... for Toltec Jewels....
Some more "plain" skulls for Toltec Jewels...
And some KITTIES!!! OMG!
And some non-matchy matchy skulls with FLOWERS. :)
And a BUNCH of skulls with bows, flowers and *gasp* wormies. Eeeeeeew, yuck! (These are cabochons- flat backed, no hole or loop for stringing). Made for La Fleur Designs...
Also: a BUNCH of small hearts with Swarks (Swarovskis)... each one is different... these are cabochons too. :) Also made for La Fleur Designs...

These filled different orders, and some I made just for fun. I hope you like them!!!


  1. love the kitties!

  2. Awesome work Andrea! I love the mix of colors you use. Very fun.

  3. THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!! xox jean

  4. I just love those pumpkins and skulls!

  5. Wow! I wish I had the dedication to make loads of a design. These are so cute and I love how they all have their own little expressions.


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