Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Teal Goddess" - A Bead Soup Cafe Challenge/Contest on Facebook!

Upper left: a close-up view of the spiral (galaxy) wrapping I did on every bead, minus the focal.
Upper right: an overall view of the necklace
Bottom left: how the necklace hangs (self-portrait, that's why the pic is crooked! LOL!).
Bottom right: the focal is by Michelle Mahre. Isn't it pretty?

I blended this necklace together using Michelle's focal, blue sky jasper and genuine turquoise. And LOTS of copper wire!!! LOL!

This is the inspiration photo. :) The "Teal Goddess". To see all the entries, go here.

And the WINNERS are ANNOUNCED! Please click here! (Psssst! I'm one of them!).

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  1. Yes, Michelle Mahre's focal bead is cool. I love the texture of it, especially with the sky blue and turquoise gems. The shades of teal and copper looks gorgeous. Beautiful necklace, Andrea!


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