Friday, August 30, 2013

400(+) Fantastic Fans Giveaway!

I promised a FABULOUS and FANTASTIC giveaway once I reached 400 fans on facebook! Not only have you guys given me THAT, we've gone OVER! :)

All entries are worth 4 tickets each! You can (potentially!) tweet EVERY DAY for 4 tickets. Or just tweet once! Whatever floats your boat! ;)

Prizes are To Be Announced.

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  1. My kids have made me smile numerous times this week. And I'd love something you made as a prize!

  2. The new German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins made me and my tummy smile (if tummy's can smile). I would love something you make as a prize. :)

  3. Not much made me smile this week (bad week) ... and pretty beadies to work with always go down well lol ;)

  4. Love the question! Hope my answer makes you smile too! ;)


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