Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Southern Gals Design - A Giveaway!

From Tiffany's facebook page: "Ok guys in order to help boost likes on my page. I am having a give away. All you have to do is share this with your friends and you get 1 entry. If you blog about this give away you get a second entry. Post on this message individually how you shared. I will draw one name out next Sunday 7/21. You will win one of my handmade lampwork sets. Easy Peasy" (permalink to post, click here)... (and BOLD my emphasis).

Of course, now I have to tease you with pictures of Tiffany's AWESOME beads!

I have no idea which bead set Tiffany is choosing to give away either... I love surprises! :)

PS, each of these bead sets & beads are available on Tiffany's facebook page... some of them might already be sold, I just picked out my favorite pictures to share! Aren't they COOL?! :)

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