Monday, April 29, 2013

A Day of Jewelry Selling on Etsy, Alzheimers, Jilly's Bead Posse, ++!

A neat infographic on selling jewelry on Etsy! (Here's the original post with additional information:

I thought this was too cool not to share! *grins*

Also, a neat article from the same source on a jewelry-making world traveler:

I've been busy making new things today! Some of it I'm donating to Jilly's Bead Posse, (a dedicated group of artisans working to raise funds++ for researching Alzheimer's). I made 36 pairs of earrings for the cause, (I forgot to take pictures, but you can view some of them on Jilly's Bead Posse by searching for my name!), and now I'm making some polymer clay pendants, a waterfall pendant or two, and some other stuff!*laughs* It's keeping me pretty busy!

And a random photo from my Etsy shop:

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