Saturday, September 1, 2012

Giveaway Time!

There are three ways to gain entries:
1) Share my facebook fan page with your friends using your personal page! Here's the link: (Because the more, the merrier!)
--> Please link me to your "share". Nevermind, I have no idea how to do this, either! I'll just have to trust you! (But PLEASE let me know you've done this, so you can get your extra entry in).
2) Sign up for my newsletter (right hand side of page).
--> Please let me know you've done this. (Everyone who has done this already automatically gets an entry. I realized after the fact that if you sign up for the newsletter, I get a notification via my email. So let me know if you want to, but it's not necessary).
3) "Like" my facebook fan page with your personal page. (Everyone who has "liked" my page automatically gets an entry).

--> Please comment below to let me know you've done at least one of the three! If you do all three, you get three entries. :)

I'm doing this old school, and writing down everyone's names and sticking them in a bowl to pull out the winners.

The FUN part, PRIZES!

1) Bright and Brilliant 8x10" signed print. Link here:
2) Purple Lightening Mousepad. Link here:
3) Pastel Hearts Postcards Set of 2. Link here:
4) $25 gift certificate to my ArtFire shop.
5) $15 gift certificate to my Etsy shop.
6) Smoke AB Necklace and Earring Set

Yes, I'll be pulling out people's names in this order. :)

If you have any questions, please ask!

I'll be contacting winners via email, so please leave your email in the comment boxes below! Please put in your address book, because that's where I'm emailing from. (I also like funny jokes, so feel free to send me some. LOL!).

ALSO! Contest ends on September 15th at midnight, CST. Get those entries in!

Have fun!

PS- for those having problems leaving comments, feel free to message me via my business facebook page.


  1. Hi, I liked your page and signed up for your newsletter.

  2. So far I've signed up for your newsletter which I think will be very informative. That's as far as I've gotten since I've been fighting a deadly disease that leaves me sitting on the pot but when I'm off I'll be sure to do more! You said you liked jokes so I thought I'd add the bit about spending my time on the pot.


    See you soon!

  3. Just liked your FB page and wrote a nice note about ZenithJadeCreations on my personal page or under Margaret Pierson

  4. Shared your page with the It's Better Handmade Group on FaceBook

  5. liked your page and signed up for the newsletter

  6. Signed up, Shared and Liked; not in that Particular Order. ;)
    Thanx for Playing! =D) Mx


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