Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Crabbi wanting her desk back.
First off, a Crabbi update: I took her to the vet today, and the thyroid medication is working! She's gained almost a pound in three weeks! (She had lost almost four pounds since June). YAY! This calls for a celebration, cat-style. *breaks out the kitty treats* Tomorrow, I'll hear back about her bloodwork that was taken and about any adjustments to her medication that are needed. =^.^=

AlleyC helping with product photography.

AlleyC has been quite helpful with product photography. She keeps swatting at all my finished inventory as I'm trying to photograph it! *rolls eyes* Kitty lurve comes with every item, free of charge.

In other news, I've been listing on ArtFire like a mad woman! TONS of new earrings. TONS I tell you. A good chunk of them are on SALE. Bracelets are also VERY reasonably priced. NEW CHRISTMAS EARRINGS @ $7.00/pair. Red, gold, silver and blue. Also brand spanking new: sterling silver earrings with Bali-style sterling silver beads. (They're not really from Bali). Only six pairs of those available, and man, they might be more expensive, but they sure are gorgeous! Basically, price ranges to fit every budget. So, why don't you hop over on to my ArtFire shop and take a look? You just might find that perfect gift... for you or for someone you love.

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