Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Studio is a MESS!

You heard it right, my studio is a disaster. ;) I've got too many art and craft supplies! I can't believe I'd admit something like that! Pictures forthcoming, I promise.

So I've had a few interesting months with my cats. In October, (on my birthday, no less!), I acquired a kitten. For a while it was touch and go. I wasn't sure he was going to make it. But he did! His name is Maneki Neko Bones. He's the cutest kitten you've ever seen. Lovely blue-gray coat, bright eyes, and the best attitude. In late October, AlleyC had to go in for a UTI, (urinary tract infection). Pilling a cat is an adventure- one I don't care to repeat by the way! She kept spitting out the pill, so I'd have to patiently try again... and again... and again... December was thankfully quiet. January saw Gabriel to his first vet visit. He was so scared! He's due for his second round of Distemper shots. In mid-January, Hunni got sick. He wouldn't stop wheezing, so another vet visit was in order. (They're getting to know me rather well!). Hunni got an anti-biotic shot, and is thankfully doing much better.

My health has been kinda interesting lately too. I've currently got a heart monitor in my pocket, so it's handy when I start to experience chest pain. Luckily, I haven't had any chest pains lately! I've also, (FINALLY), got medication for acid reflux. I've had that problem since grade school. I guess this is what happens when you don't visit a doctor for ten plus years!

So I haven't been making much lately- I'm too busy listing on Etsy! 350+ items in my Etsy shop now. Talk about crazy! I've got much much more to list. Earrings, scrabble tile pendants, bookmarks, necklaces, earrings, beads and more. On my list of things to make are more rings and shoulder-duster earrings. (Those lovely uber-long earrings that are just to die for). I haven't made those in quite a while, so it should be great!

I take it back, I have been "making" something... I've been editing pictures to put up as prints. I've been having a blast looking through all of my older pictures. It's quite a task, though!

In additional cat news, I re-homed two kittens in November. My cat AlleyC had two lovely white kittens in July. It was time for them to go to new homes. If I could have kept them, I would have! But I already have several cat puddles worth of cats!

That's it for now! More crafty news later!

PS- I'm currently running a sale- Buy a print, get 50% off another item in my store! Not too shabby. :) PLUS! One of my good friends just hatched a baby duck! Here's a photo, (click me!).

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