Monday, March 30, 2009

ZenithJade Creation's First Easter Egg Hunt!

Why should the kids get all the fun hunting for Easter Eggs? ;)

Announcing ZJC's first Easter Egg Hunt!
Interspersed throughout my Etsy shop are Easter Eggs-->

Find one image, get 10% off,
find two, get 20% off,
find three, get 30% off,
find four, get 40% off,
find five (!!!), get 50% off...

(not including shipping)

How to play:
* Find as many Easter Egg images as you can/want to.
* Buy as much as you'd like... and in the "Notes to Seller," list the links of the items where you found the eggs. Don't pay yet!
* I'll send you a revised invoice to your email with your new total, and then you can pay, (a lot less than what was listed!). :)

This % off is in ADDITION to the many items that are already 25% off!

Happy Holidays, Happy Easter...
Have fun searching for Easter Eggs!


PS- many thanks to for providing such a cute image!
PPS- the Easter Egg Hunt only lasts until Easter day!

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