Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy busy busy!

I've said this too often, but I really didn't need to join another site, create another profile, ad infinitum! But I did it anyways. =^.^;=
Please give me a super-warm welcome to the world of Technorati! *grins* I know it's been around for quite a while, but I'm trying to cut *down* on all the places I'm at on the www, (for ease of organizing, updating, ++)... I finally caved. I figured that Technorati would be a pretty decent place to get some blog exposure. LOL! (Let me know if I'm waaaaay off base here!).

Since I'm a total "newb" to the site, does anyone have any advice/thoughts/suggestions on how to use the site? *curious* I'd also love to know how to get some of *my* photos into the Technorati photostream. =~.^=

And yes, FYI, I use that photo for my profiles A LOT.

I finally updated my site submissions to I can hardly believe that I've been a link supporter of that site for more years than I can remember. I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of their very generous "Girl Wide Web" page to share your own links with their readership. (This can include blogs, online shops, etc. etc. etc!). They are also supporters of the Indie Movement, (viva handmade!).

I've spent wholly too much time over the past week and a half making polymer clay beads. I knew it would be addicting... but jeez! *falls over*

Of course, I had to turn some of them into pendants. Totally biased over here, but I think they seriously ROCK. =*^.^*=

I finally managed to list on Etsy some new POSTERS. (11x17" photography prints on cardstock). There are some wonderfully yummy flower posters. Ok, they're *mostly* yummy flower photos. I'm obsessed with flowers in nature! =~.^= (We can just add that to the current list of my obsessions... Etsy, making beads, photographing flowers, funny cat pictures...)

Speaking of funny cat pictures, I uploaded a new one to my flickr that I think is absolutely hilarious- click here & throw your two cents at me, (and my cat, Einstein). =^.^;=

300+ product photos Sunday. Do I even need to mention that that was the majority of my Sunday? To top it off, I got sunburnt taking all those pictures. I knew I should have worn sunblock! =^.^;= I really shouldn't complain- one really nice day & I can just zoom through catching up on photography for my Etsy shop- it's the editing that always takes me forever!

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