Monday, May 5, 2008

"Your Top 3 Ideas for Etsy" by Rokali

Rokali says:
This is a thread for listing your top 3 ideas. What do you most want? We'll use your input to help us prioritize development.

You can have two lists if you like: one for selling, one for buying.

Please keep your post to just a simple list. We can start other threads to discuss specific ideas.

So, here are my ideas. Please follow this format to help us collate everything on our end.



1. Shop stats for sellers (with a full referrer list)
2. A revamped Showcase system to help sellers promote (this would include stats on how promotions are working out)
3. A real Teams section, allowing for more free-form and topical groups to form inside Etsy


1. Organize your favorites
2. Show off purchases in a "Collection"
3. More seamless checkout experience

Want to make a difference in the way Etsy works? This is your bonafide chance to chime in with your suggestions, and to be heard. =*^.^*=

Click here to add your thoughts to this forum thread on Etsy!
(Thread started April 15th, 2008)

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