Saturday, May 17, 2008

Want your items to show up at the top of a google search?

dingo says:
You know when you do a google search for something and you see the "Shopping results" at the top of the page with the little shopping bag icon and a few links to products?

Those are items listed in google's product search. Anyone can submit items to the product search directory, and it's FREE.

You can add your items one at a time using google's web site, but the easiest way is to upload a data file with the information for all your items at once.

"But creating a data file sounds like a lot of work, too," you may be thinking, and it would be if you were starting from scratch, but you aren't - Etsy has already done 80% of the work for you by creating an RSS feed for your shop.

BUT - there's one important thing missing from the information that Etsy puts in the data feed - the price. Google requires a title, description, link to the item, an ID and a price. Etsy's feed doesn't have the price.

If it did, it would be a simple thing to simply upload your Etsy feed directly to google and have all your items included in their product search for free. When a person clicked on the link in google's product directory, it would take them to your Etsy item page.

So how about it, Etsy - one little line of text added to each item would allow for a lot of free advertising for your sellers.

It's a special google tag:


Useful just to google and ignored by other readers.

Read the entire forum thread here. =*^.^*=

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