Tuesday, May 6, 2008

There's a LOT of new Etsy news !

First off, there are some huge debates about graphic design flying around the forums. They were all over the front page of the Etsy forum main today, (it seems the debating has abated for this evening).

Secondly, and this is HOTHOTHOT- the changes to the Search & Category systems has been IMPLEMENTED! You can read a forum post about it here, and the Storque article here.

Etsy admin are also asking for your input about what you LOVE and HATE about PayPal. Chime in with your opinions by clicking here & commenting in this forum thread. (Ignore the "double post" information- there *was* a previous post, but the answers have been counted already & this new one started).

As per usual, there are some wonderful debates going on in the Etsy forums about another new change... "Report this post" link on each and every post in the Etsy forums. You can sign your name with a "yay" or "nay" on this forum thread, and read about the change straight from admin here.

Always something new going on over in EtsyLand. =~.^=

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