Thursday, May 29, 2008

PayPerPost, Proud Member!

So after one false start, (I was declined membership the first time because I didn't have a blog archive visible on my blog, oops!), I've been approved for PayPerPost. Yay!

I figured that I'd give this whole PPP thing a shot, seeing as how often I usually blog. *winks* Here's a handy little list of the good things I've found out about the program, (and through the program!):
*** You can choose what you want to blog about, including charities. !!!
*** There isn't a deadline until you reserve a listing.
*** All the requirements for posties (bloggers) are clear-cut and easy to understand.
*** PPP offers suggestions & advice on how to increase blog traffic. (This is very handy for anyone who is selling anything online or trying to generate a customer base or wanting to reach a lot of readers, etc!).
*** PPP keeps members updated with site-specific changes & news.
*** The PPP site is really easy to navigate, and seems to be pretty darn user friendly!
*** They call their customer service, "Customer Love"!

Something worth mentioning, although I haven't tried this yet, is networking & meeting other PPP members. There's apparently quite the community out there! =^.^=

I learned about PayPerPost from a blog a lot like mine posting an introduction about PPP, (an Etsy seller's blog!). I really wish I could remember her blog url- I'd share it with everyone! (If I manage to find it, I'll link to it in another post!).

You can find more information about either becoming an advertiser to help drive traffic to your site/promotion or a blogger/writer through the PayPerPost website. *grins*

So far, so good! I'll keep posting updates about my PPP experiences as they happen. Woo!

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