Thursday, May 1, 2008


I've finally given my blog a BRAND NEW LOOK. =*^.^*= What do you think? *grins*

To say that the last few months have been busy would be an understatement. I've had a lot of appointments, freelance work to finish, and WIST (Wisconsin Street Team) business to attend to. In fact, the WIST goodness has pretty much taken over my life! LOL!

Before I re-did my own blog, the WIST blog got a fabulous facelift. You should go take a look- it's pretty swanky! =^.^;= There's a shoutbox over there, too- so be sure to give us all a holla. Woo! The WIST website has temporarily taken a backseat while I work on some very important reorganizing, (and Spring Cleaning), of other WISTy goodness. The forums needed to be streamlined just a twitch, posts moved, &ccc. Plus, joining needed to be made easier.

Honestly, things are getting so organized, it's kind of scary! =^.^=

Oooo, if you live in Wisconsin, (or one of the surrounding states), you should check out our calendar. Members are doing so many awesome things! It's definitely the start of art & craft show season. *huge grins*

Finding the right balance between my own business / art needs & those of WIST's has been pretty difficult lately. =O.o= There just doesn't seem to be enough time to do everything! (Is there ever?!). Regardless, I've somehow managed to list some new bits on Some of my favorites are interspersed throughout this post!

And some of the best news ever- I got my copy of "Rubbish" by Kate Shoup! And you'll never guess who's in it, (pssst- it's me!). =*^.^*= MUAH!

I've been spending some time over on indiepublic lately too. *grins* Feel free to friend or send me a message over there. (I loves some awesome messages!).

There's a lot of new stuff coming soon to my Etsy shop- more awesome poster prints, (11x17"!), and some gorgeous gemstone & silver jewelry. *drools*

I'll also be updating this blog more frequently- with more Etsy goodness, (neat things found all over: tutorials, answering ?'s, random awesomeness); WIST adventures; and my creative journeys. =^.^=

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