Sunday, May 4, 2008

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My Oh My Shops

I finally fixed the code!!! When you click on it, (go ahead, try it!), it now takes you to my stats & voting page on MyOhMyShops! =*^.^*= I don't have any votes yet, and I sure would love yours!

This weekend, I've been obsessing about fixing up this blog & making it look pretty. (I've also been doing other neat things, but I'll fill you in on all that later!). It's organized! There's a handy nav in the top-left column, a search function in the middle column at the bottom, a new tag cloud (!!!), and probably some other things that I'm forgetting to mention. =^.^;= I'm totally digging the graphics I designed- swirls, mmmmm, swirls!

On Friday, (a day late), I put up the newest WIST contest! It's all about RAINBOWS. I find that extremely appropriate in the Springtime. *grins* I can't wait to see what all the WISTies are making for the contest! In more WIST news, there's now a tag cloud over there, too! =^.^;=

The really neat thing about these tag clouds is that they change over time, (and the bots used to generate the clouds get *smarter*), so the tags will eventually be much more defined. Sounds like fun to me!

As evidenced by the dandelion photo, I was out and about taking (mostly) flower photos outside. Flowers... they're just so lovely! Another obsession to add to the list. LOL! As per usual, I took a ton of cat pictures before going out, (& after coming in). Plus, I managed to squeeze in some serious product photography. I hope that the pictures turn out as well as they look on my viewfinder!!! *crosses toes* I think it's hilarious that I can take amazing product photography of *other people's merchandise* but I have so much trouble photographing my own! (At least, that's the way I perceive it! *winks*). Well, I'll post a teaser photo, (unedited), and how about you tell me what you think? *grins*

Another great idea, (but we'll see if I can find the time!), I had was to start shooting video tutorials on how to make cool crafty stuff. =*^.^*= I think it would be a TON of fun. (But I'd need to edit out the repetitive/boring/gwah stuff=even more time). =^.^=

Don't forget to vote for me on MyOhMy!

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