Saturday, October 6, 2007

Oh Noez! I've been tagged!

I'm not sure who to tag in, er, retaliation- anyone is welcome to respond with 6 interesting things about yourself. =~.^= I love to read, so don't be shy!

1) I was an exchange student in High School- I went to Brazil. =*^.^*= And no, I am not fluent in speaking Portuguese anymore, although I can still *read* some!

2) I can't stand canned tomato soup! It makes me cringe. =o.O=

3) I'm allergic to onions in all its' wonderful forms, but I'm *not* allergic to garlic.

4) I volunteered at the Coulee Region Humane Society for 2 1/2 years- starting when I was 12.

5) My favorite ex-job was working in a Pet Store. Not only did I get to pet and love on all the critters there, I also *caught* them when they escaped. (It's inevitable. Really!). I taught a Ring Neck Dove to perch on my shoulder while I was working. =*^.^*=

6) When I was about eight, my Grandma taught me how to Etch glass. We used to go walking around the farm and find the coolest rocks and fossils! And we were almost always doing something together, or making something together while I was there. =^.^= (My Grandma sews the coolest crazy quilts! Hehehehe!).

I was tagged by MineFull- you can read a little more about her on her blog. =~.^=

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