Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Few More Great Tips & Tricks

smilingsoul asked about "learning the promo techniques used by higher end jewelers." And she got some fabulous responses. =^.^= To read more, click here.

And more about jewelery...

soap asks us jewelery designers to do a few things. Here are her requests:
-photograph your pieces(s) modeled (live person or facsimile)
-provide dimensions (too) in your listings (metric, imperial, i don't care)
- photograph your piece in its entirety
- at least one photo of your piece hanging

i buy jewel(lery) and even with the dimensions listed (i'm conversant in metric or imperial), it's hard to tell
(1) relative dimensions from just a close-up
(2) how a piece hangs without the above pics

also - if you say "silver," i'd like to know - are you talking fine, sterling (.925), plated or other?"

and a link to the original forum thread. =^.^=

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