Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More of EtsyEtsyEtsy!

I've been busy like a mad woman in these here parts. =*^.^*= What with the Wisconsin Street Team (WIST) and a few fairs here & there, I've been rocking in my socks just trying to keep up! *grins*

But this post isn't about me, (really!), it's more about the wonders of Etsy!

Etsy has been getting some seriously AWESOME PR- one article that seriously impressed me was written by Kerry Miller of Business Week. To top things off on an already amazing article, they kindly included a slideshow of some of Etsy's best & well-known.

If you've ever wondered what kind of in-print press that Etsy has been getting, you can check it out on Etsy. See all the articles, (from Rolling Stone Mag to the New York Times!).

And there's MORE.

Doing a Google search on "Etsy," (about 4,370,000 results) or "Etsy Articles" (about 418,000) can be a hazard to getting any work done. (But so much fun!).

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