Friday, June 15, 2007

Even More Cool Stuff!

Well, and a giveaway! =*^.^*=

EJA of Etsy is GIVING AWAY some really swanky stuff- and all for just signing up for their mailing list! (Wow!). Talk about incentive. *grins* View the details in this forum post on Etsy.

JET of Etsy is holding a really cool contest- buy $15 worth of merchandise from crescentmooncreation, create some jewelry using only those beads, and enter it in! Easy, no? =^.^= Visit this forum thread to see all the nitty gritty details!

And, last but not least, EtsyBead is going to have a promo thread this upcoming Sunday- peeps who post on the thread are offering 25% (possibly, hopefully!) on jewelry! This promo thread is going to have a *theme*. So if you're looking for something jewelry-specific, this is definitely a thread that will be worth a look-through. Keep your eyes peeled!

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