Thursday, June 28, 2007

And a LOT of Etsy Stuff.

I just found a link to an older article about Etsy- you can read it here on

For Etsy sellers who ship internationally, RhinocerosRose commiserates in this forum post + she asks for & gets some wonderful advice from fellow Etsyians. If you're thinking about starting, (or venting), this is a good thread to hop into to. *grins*

Wondering where you can get your very own custom rubber stamps? I've wondered the same thing! littlenest asked that in this forum thread, and received some wonderful leads.

Here's a forum thread started by foundling where the woes of customs/duties tax is addressed. It also has some wonderful advice for those who ship internationally. (I'm one of them!).

An Etsy favorite, emckinstry asks, "Is Etsy Going to Support Popular Sellers in Expanding Their Businesses?" in a forum thread. It was started on June 27th, and guess what- it's already 13 pages long. Want a debate? Have a question about that? This is the forum thread to go to.

Lots and lots of Etsy News today! =*^.^*=

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