Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A plea to jewelry sellers: Photos

Posted by finnau in the Etsy forums-
A plea from an Etsy jewelry addict to all those of you who sell jewelry here: Please, whenever possible, include photos of someone *wearing* the jewelry. Seeing an item on a nice outdoorsy or artsy backdrop doesn't help me to picture how this thing is going to look on me, which is my #1 criterion for buying. Rings and earrings often look quite different on a person than they do lying on a table. This issue is especially important for items that are unique or funky - it can be hard to picture quite how they're going to work. I have definitely given up on items because I couldn't get a good enough sense of them from the photo, and didn't want to be bothered contacting the seller to get more information. Good photos make it easier for shoppers to fall in love.

Some great advice finnau! I'll have to find another model, myself. =*^.^*= Also note, there's more advice from your fellow Etsyians in that thread! *grins*

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