Sunday, February 11, 2007

Business Etiquette 101

As seen in the Etsy forums, posted by mt1980-

"I really look for professionalism on these forums as well as in their shop. I just learned about this site a few weeks ago and have been looking and observing before I make a decision on what sellers to deal with. I love handcrafted things but some of the things I have read on this forum makes me nervous and I have already made a list of about a 10-12 sellers I will NEVER buy from based on their hostile words to each other. To me as a buyer I want to shop in a friendly place. I have a friend who actually sells here, and she told me that she is very careful what she says here and on feedback-she wants no adverse effects. Please sellers I want to buy - show me your professional side. Thanks- your handcrafts are wonderful-keep it to that!!!"

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