Thursday, January 11, 2007

So Who Is ZenithJade, Anyway? =O.o*=

"Jeez, haven't you taken over enough of the 'net, already?!"
Nope! I will not be satisfied until I have accomplished world domination through art. =~.^=

I am
ZenithJade. Perhaps you've seen me on MySpace. Or possibly deviantART. How about LiveJournal, (this account is now defunct, as I'm not updating it anymore)? You could also have found me through ImageKind, The One Million Masterpiece, or Stop Global Warming. You might have seen me on CafePress, maybe.

I used to have a website- but it didn't help to spread the ZJC love, so it's an aborted internet project... for now.

You most likely found me via Etsy, and possibly through Critters 'N Kids.

Maybe you're using one of the screen-savers I designed, desktop wallpapers, or desktop icon sets. I bet that you don't even know it! =^.^= Maybe you're a curious client or customer, and you want to see who on EARTH this crazy person is who is SINGLE HANDEDLY TAKING OVER THE INTERNET.

This blog is for YOU. To assuage your curiosity- and let you know who I am, what I do, and why on Earth I do it all. Ask any question you like. If it's in my ability to answer it, I will. (And no, I will not tell you my favorite sexual position, what kind of underwear I'm wearing or whether or not I shop at Victoria's Secret. This is fun, but not quite kinky!).

And before we think it's all just about me, (which it is, mostly! =~.^=), I'll post some of the most FABULOUS tutorials I can find (or make myself) right here in this here blog. Because learning something new is not just for old dogs!

Grab the drink of your choice, sit back, and enjoy. All with a dash of salt.

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