Monday, January 22, 2007


I just listed some amazing golden art glass earrings- definitely something worth checking out! =*^.^*=

In other news, *grins*, octarine is doing a super-swank promotional goodie bag thang. I've decided to jump on the bandwagon! In my contact with octarine, she's been JUST AWESOME. Show her some LOVE! There's getting to be a super-long thread, (or threads!!!), in the forums about all the work she's putting into this. Super swanky!

I'm hoping to get some silver-plated dangling earrings thrown in the mix, and some really awesome charms/zipper pulls/put-it-on-anything beady decoration. I'm really hoping to knock some socks off, here! Wish me luck!

If you're new to the biz of making handmade and need biz cards, I totally recommend checking out some of your fellow Etsyians- they can make some kick-butt stuff, batman! If you're looking to buy in bulk super-cheap though, (cause we're starving artists dontcha know?), go to I've been getting my cards and such from them for YEARS- and I have NEVER had a problem. Don't forget to sign up for their email mailing list- they're one of the FEW companies that actually DO send AMAZING deals right to your inbox. (They're WOA GOOD).

I really try to avoid any DRAMA in the forums, (I just hide under my desk when it starts), but man, have there been some trainwrecks there lately that make me go, "Eh? =O.o*=". I know I posted earlier about what to do when a trainwreck in the forums starts- it is also seriously worth a look. (I know for sure that it's tagged as an Etsy Tutorial).

Golly gee, I am rambling on tonight!
Have a FABU Monday!

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