Thursday, January 25, 2007


My darling kitten, AlleyC, had FOUR beautiful babies yesterday & today!

I feel like celebrating- and since we can't break out the cigars and champagne on the 'net, (at least not literally!), I'm having a shop sale! =*^.^*=

~~ The Nitty Gritty Details ~~
* Buy one item, get 10% off
* Buy two items, get 20% off / item
* Buy three items, get 30% off / item
* Buy four items, get 40% off / item

I'll keep this KITTEN LOVE Super Sale going for FOUR DAYS.
Thursday, January 25th thru Sunday, January 28th!

It's all about things in fours right now! *huge grins* I can't stop grinning. Hehehe! I'm a GrandKitty! (Oh, you know what I mean!).

A cute shot of the happy, (but tired!), new Mommy:
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