Saturday, January 20, 2007

Guidelines for posting in the Etsy forums

1. Stay on topic. Post threads in the appropriate forum: Help, Ideas, Bugs, Selling, Street Team. If your post does not fit into one of these it likely does not belong on Etsy. Etsy's forums are for talking about issues directly related to buying & selling handmade goods.
2. Respect other people's opinions and feelings. Discussion is healthy, but no flame wars.
3. If you have something to say to (or about) a specific person, please do it privately (using Conversations).
4. Please do not use the forums to facilitate any form of auction.
Etsy admins are nice, patient, and tolerant; however we do reserve the right to lock any forum thread for any reason.

Taken directly from the Etsy site. =^.^= Here's the LINK.

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