Friday, January 12, 2007

Etsy Mentoring, How I Love You!

Etsy is probably the only place I know of online where sellers, buyers and admin (including the owners!) work together in harmony. It is probably one of the (many) things that makes Etsy the best place around, IMHO. =~.^=

On other notes, I'm applying to become an Etsy Mentor! I've already been asked quite a few questions by other lovely Etsy users, and would love to make my question-answer duties official. (And dude, doesn't it sound like FUN to spread the Etsy love?).

Here are my answers to their questionnaire:

In what artistic/crafting areas would you feel comfortable mentoring others? (ie. Pattern making, knitting, drawing, silkscreening, jewelry making, glass blowing etc..)
Jewelry making/designing; artistic and product photography, including resizing for web & for print; flyer design for self-promotion.

In 100 words or less please say why you would like to be a mentor?
I love Etsy- and I want to help it continue to be *the* best place to sell handcrafted items. Helping out Etsy users is my way of saying, "Thank You, Etsy!" The people here are truly the best. <3

Please write a brief statement about yourself. If selected, this will be publicly displayed on your mentor profile:
Hello New Etsyian! Welcome! =^.^= I can help you with a number of things, including some guidance on product photography and your shop set-up. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message using Etsy's system, (called Conversations, and often abbreviated to "Convo."). If that's a little intimidating, you can also email me at:

I hope that I make the cut! =*^.^*=

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